KARA’s Jiyoung doesn’t like going to school

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girl group KARA’s maknae member Jiyoung is still balancing her high school life with her idol career.

And on the May 25th episode of Strong Heart, she revealed that she disliked attending school.

But then again, who actually loves it?

Not many students frolic onto campus filled with the joy of learning, but KARA’s Jiyoung had a different reason for not liking school: her friends.

Jiyoung said, “I’m now 17 and a sophomore. When I go to school, the most perplexing times are when my friends ask for autographs.

I can understand my friends’ feelings but the teachers feel that it’s dangerous when everyone crowds around me so they will not let me give out autographs.
I told my friends that I can’t sign for them and I heard them say bad things behind my back. I want to do it for them but it’s the teachers that are preventing me from doing so…I wanted to be closer with my friends but that didn’t seem to be going so well so I became very sad.

Jiyoung expressed her dislike for school life. This is the time that she should be enjoying and playing with her friends but all she hears are bad things about her behind her back.

She continued, “One day my dad got drunk and called me on the phone. He suddenly began talking about school and I told him not to bring it up and then hung up on him. But soon after I got a text. He said that if it’s not him, no one else would tell me that if I mess up in school, I would regret it later on.

When asked what Jiyoung would like to say to her classmates she said, “When I’m at school, please see me as a normal girl named Jiyoung. I hope we can all be friendly with one another.

Looks the idol life isn’t all the glamour and flashing lights that it’s been prepped up to be. Who would have thought that our adorable little Jiyoung had such deep inner conflicts?